Honestly can’t stop thinking about Martin Freeman’s performance in ‘Richard III’, I didn’t think my opinion of his acting talent could get any higher but I am honestly in awe. There were scenes that felt like absolute perfection, I was completely mesmerised. Also, anyone thinking of seeing it but not having much money, I had “restricted view” stage seating which cost me about £29.50 per ticket and they were amazing seats in my opinion. I was worried because I was right against the wall in my seat so I thought I would miss certain angles but honestly, the cast, and in particular Freeman, played to the stage seating generously, this is probably the well thought out direction of Jamie Lloyd, but because all the cast worked so well and each were wonderful (I was particularly impressed by Gina McKee and Jo Stone-Fewings as Buckingham), there was always someone’s important expression or reaction to see or read, however, if you have a choice go for the lower numbered stage seating (i.e. 1-8) as some action did take place on the far right hand corner of the stage that the far right seating couldn’t see, although there was an atmospheric monitor in place to compensate this. I urge anyone who can, to go and see it, it is a performance I will carry with me for a long time.

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When someone reposts one of my gifs as their own, I’m all like:image

But when someone uses one of my gifs as a reaction gif, I’m all like:image

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Happy Hobbit Day!

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You could put it on a T-Shirt.

Happy birthday, Lauren!

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Indeed he was really relieved after all to think that they had all gone without him, and without bothering to wake him up (“but with never a thank-you” he thought); and yet in a way he could not help feeling just a trifle disappointed. The feeling surprised him.

“Don’t be a fool, Bilbo Baggins!” he said to himself, "thinking of dragons and all that outlandish nonsense at your age!"

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The genius of Martin Freeman.


The genius of Martin Freeman.

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A few words on meeting Martin Freeman.

On the 19th of September, Melanie, Megan, and I went down to Trafalgar Square to wait by the stage door of Trafalgar Studios, where Martin Freeman is entering his last week of a three month run of Shakespeare’s Richard III, where he plays the title character. I already have tickets for two of the shows, so I didn’t feel too terrible about waiting by the door without seeing the play. 

We got there around 10:00pm, after getting lost and wandering around for forty-five minutes. By the the time we got there, there were already about twenty fans waiting outside, all of whom had also not seen the play. After a few minutes, we heard the final gunshot ring out through the theatre, signaling that the play was over. Within seconds more fans were flooding out of the back door to queue up around the barriers. There were at least a hundred people there by the time the actors started exiting.

The crowd gave polite applause to the other actors, but it was clear we were all waiting for one man. After about thirty minutes, Martin came out - he was the last one. He came out to warm cheers and applause, and waved politely before immediately starting to sign things for the fans. The crowd was in a semicircle around the stage door, with Martin’s car in the center. We were set to be some of the last people, which was a little bit nerve-wracking, but I knew that he probably wouldn’t sign for some people if he wasn’t going to sign for everyone.

When he got closer to us, I asked two of the people in front of me if I could stick my arm through them so he could sign the book I had brought. They were very obliging, as I had informed them I didn’t want to shove them out of the way or anything terrible like that. But as Martin got closer, there was a natural gap between those two people, so I snuck in. Most of the people were silent - other than a few shaky thank you’s. 

But when he got to me, I knew I would regret not saying something to him. So I said, “Martin, you were phenomenal!” AND HE LOOKED UP AND ME, GUYS, HE LOOKED ME IN THE EYE AND SAID THANK YOU. And then I said, “Would it be okay if I bothered you for a hug?” And he said, “Of course!” and gave me a great big hug. I may have lingered a bit, but honestly, can you blame me? Martin has been on my list of actors I would die to meet for years now, I couldn’t pass up this opportunity! 

And then he moved on to sign things for the last few people. Another girl asked for a hug, and he quipped, “Why don’t we all just give each other a hug?” But still very willingly hugged anyone who wanted one. 

When he was finished, he got into the back of the Range Rover that was waiting for him as people cheered and yelled their thank you’s toward him.

This whole experience reminded me why I love the Sherlock and Martin fandom so much. This was the second time I’ve stage doored for Martin. The first time, a few days ago, he didn’t sign. He just came out and waved, and once people stopped cheering he said a quick thank you, and then got into the car. Both times, though, I was so impressed with the amount of respect that the fans had. When he comes out, there are cheers and applause, but nobody is screaming at him. And when he didn’t sign that first night, nobody booed or asked him to stay or complained that he didn’t sign. People respect that this is a serious and grueling production, and I think we all realize how tired he is after the performance. As he was making his way around the semicircle signing, nobody pushed or tried to get closer to Martin, they all just waited quietly until he came to them. And when he was done, everyone cheered and yelled thank you and waved as he drove off.

Sometimes I am just so thankful for being part of this fandom <3

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